U-Protein Express BV is a dedicated CRO that has many years experience in recombinant protein production. At U-Protein Express BV fully post-translational modified mammalian proteins are produced via its proprietary r-PEx transient expression platform is based on HEK293 and CHO cell lines. r-PEx transient expression technology is much faster than traditional methods and provides superior amounts of bioactive recombinant proteins. In addition we have generated a novel proprietary HEK293 cell line (HEK293ES) for the production of recombinant proteins suitable for structure determination via X-ray crystallography



Management team  

Martin Hessing.
CEO, Martin Hessing, PhD (1961), co-founder of U-Protein Express BV. He has a background in Biochemistry and Heamatology-Immunology (University of Utrecht) and held postdoc positions at Kyushu University in Japan, Sanquin in Amsterdam. He has work and management experience at the TNO-Nutrition and Food Research Institute, and Organon Teknika (now Biomerieux) industry. In 2000 he started as co-founder AM-Pharma BV, a Biopharmaceutical Company on anti-infectives and sepsis, and lead compounds in Clinical Phase 2 and was involved as (co-) founder in Podiceps BV
Microdish BV and in a number of other biotech start-up companies in various positions. He is (co)-author of over 40 peer-reviewed papers and 6 patent applications.

 Martin Hessing, CEO

Wieger Hemrika.
COO, Wieger Hemrika, PhD (1960), co-founder of U-Protein Express BV. Wieger has a background in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (University of Amsterdam) he did post-doctoral work on peroxisomal biogenesis (Academic Medical Centre Amsterdam), heterlogous expression and enzymology of vanadium containing peroxidases (University of Amsterdam) and worked on a grant from the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science at Tottori University of Japan. As a senior scientist he was involved in the development of STAR-elements (Chromagenics BV Amsterdam). He established the ABC-expression Centre (Utrecht University) the predecessor of U-Protein Express. He is co-author of over 30 peer-reviewed papers and 1 patent application. 

 Wieger Hemrika, COO

Roland Romijn.
CSO, Roland Romijn, PhD (1971), co-founder of U-Protein Express BV. Roland did his PhD at the University Medical Center Utrecht (Heamatology) and at Utrecht University (protein crystallography) on the structure and function of von Willebrand Factor. In a two-year post-doctoral study ADAMTS13 was investigated (UMCU). He is (co)-author of 18 peer-reviewed papers and 2 patent applications. Roland has major experience in molecular biology and protein purification.

 Roland Romijn, CSO